Aging Hollywood Bad Boy Pulls Off Mask Before Vote On Chaotic ‘Masked Singer’

A Hollywood bad boy with an admitted “checkered history” just shook up “The Masked Singer” like no previous contestant.

On Wednesday’s episode, this former Oscar nominee wearing a Gremlin costume suddenly pulled his mask off and eliminated himself before any decisions were made.

“No one has ever done this,” panelist Nicole Scherzinger noted.

But even in the chaotic moment, his identity kinda made sense. Want to know who it is? We’re not letting you off that easy.

First, let’s look at the clues: He referred to his “checkered history” and described himself as a “bit combative” in his clues package:

He sang “Stand by Me” as if he’d swallowed a quarry of gravel. 

And he couldn’t tolerate the hot getup apparently. “I want to take this off right now,” he said as he began pulling off his mask. Host Nick Cannon and the judges all appeared confused but were also digging the unexpected.

“We lost control,” Cannon said. “It’s the Gremlin show.” 

It was actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke, who declared he did the show because he was “just in the neighborhood.”

Props to judge Jenny McCarthy for guessing Gremlin’s true identity earlier, before the unexpected reveal.

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