Chicago Bears’ Javon Wims Sucker-Punches His Way Into Cheap Shot Hall Of Fame

Javon Wims has a new position: cheap shot artist.

In an NFL game Sunday, the Chicago Bears wide receiver approached New Orleans Saints safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson from behind, tapped him and then brazenly punched him in the head. Twice.

Wims was ejected. A fine and suspension are in the offing.

He ticked off Bears coach Matt Nagy, too.

“It’s selfish and it should have zero part in this game,” Nagy said in a postgame interview. “I’m just very disappointed in him for that.”

Wims’ outrageous misbehavior had no clear motive. Perhaps he was upset at Gardner-Johnson for sticking a finger in the face of another Bears receiver, Anthony Miller, on a previous possession, reported. Or maybe he was still angry after Gardner-Johnson yanked off Wims’ mouthguard, the Chicago Tribune noted.

The Saints won in overtime, 26-23. 

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