1 Of The Largest Women-Led Street Art Projects In The World Has Finally Been Unveiled

A street in Bristol, southwest England, has been totally transformed by female artists.

The colorful “Six Sisters” collection of murals on North Street in the city’s Bedminster neighborhood has been five years in the making.

Ejits, Bex Glover, Sophie Long and Lucas Antics (pictured above from left to right) created the “Six Sisters” collection with Gemma Compton and Zoe Power.

Artist Gemma Compton kicked off the initiative in 2016 with a mural above the Upfest Gallery:

Upfest organizes Europe’s largest annual live street art festival.

Zoe Power, Bex Glover and Sophie Long each transformed a building in 2019 and 2020.

Lucas Antics and Ejits finished the fifth and sixth properties on the row last week:

“Perseverance, Dedication, Professional, Committed, Confident just a few words to describe these amazing women who’ve battled at times to get their designs up on the wall,” Upfest wrote of the project on Instagram earlier this week. The gallery partnered with the Bedminster Business Improvement District on “Six Sisters.”

“We sincerely hope the completion of this mural set will go some way to inspiring the next generation of painters!” the gallery added.

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