Seth Meyers Nails The Irony Of GOP Fealty To Donald Trump

The “Late Night” comedian reminded GOPers exactly what the one-term, twice impeached ex-president has done to the party.

“Let’s remember, the GOP didn’t just lose, they got wiped out,” said Meyers. “They lost the presidency and both houses of Congress, Trump never once cracked 50% job approval and never won the popular vote.”

Meyers expressed astonishment at the GOP “treating Trump like a good luck charm even after he brought them terrible luck.”

“Any sane political party would move on from a president who is both deeply unpopular, lost by a wide margin and on top of everything else left nothing but misery and destruction in his wake and yet Republicans are not moving on.”

But the GOP is “doubling down” and “as committed to Trump as ever,” he added, and “don’t care much about how they have to lie or debase themselves to prove their loyalty to him.”

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